An adverb is a word that describes a verb. It tells you about an action, or the way something is done. A lot of adverbs end in -ly.


  • The baby is sleeping soundly.
  • They laughed loudly.
  • The dog is barking fiercely.
  • Alice skated beautifully.
  • The Prince and the Princess lived happily ever after.
  • The birds are singing sweetly.
  • It is raining heavily.
  • The dog and the cat live together peacefully.
  • The soldiers fought bravely.
  • The sun is shining brightly.
  • The old man walked slowly.

1. Adverbs of Manner

Some adverbs describe the way something is done.

  • The driver braked suddenly.
  • The parcel arrived safely.
  • The dog jumped up playfully.
  • Please write legibly.
  • Please speak clearly.
  • Look closely at these footprints.
  • You have all answered correctly.
  • You can shop cheaply at this store.
  • Jamal dressed smartly for the party.
  • Maria is behaving selfishly.
  • The man drove carelessly.
  • The twins liked to dress differently.
  • She played skillfully.

2. Adverbs of Time

Some adverbs describe when something happens.

  • Can I do my work later? No, do it now.
  • Paul has just arrived.
  • He often swims in the evening.
  • Lisa is always cheerful.
  • Sometimes I ride my bike to school.
  • Everyone arrived early.
  • David arrived late.
  • It’s snowing again.
  • The mother bird started to build her nest yesterday.
  • She is continuing to build it today.
  • She will finish it tomorrow.
  • John’s shoes were too big for him last year.
  • They fit him this year.
  • They will be too small for him next year.
  • It rained last night.
  • The weather is fine this morning.

3. Adverbs of Place

Some adverbs tell you where something happens.

  • Mom and Dad are watching television upstairs.
  • The children are playing downstairs.
  • It's raining. Let's go inside.
  • Alex, you can stay outside.
  • Come here!
  • Please put the books there.
  • The workers are moving the rubbish away.
  • The miners are working underground.
  • They are going abroad to study.
  • There are trees everywhere.
  • Alice lived next door.
  • Where's Shamika?