When it comes to an Interview, you panic at times and the moment you are in the interview you tend to go nervous. At times you are speechless and this typically happens to everyone at some time. You should not have to worry too much, instead look at best possible questions and answers with your own research and try to practice them naturally.

Understand that the more natural you sound the more chances of winning the Interviewer.

Question 1

Say something about yourself which is not in the resume?

Answer: You can talk about your key achievements, special recognition in college or any outstanding performance. Please ensure the outcome always support your interview session and stay positive.

Question 2

You could have done higher studies. Why are you looking for a job?

Answer: There is no right or wrong answer, instead be confident in what you say. Project your readiness to take up the currently available job matching your education or experience and highlight your future plans of taking up higher studies.

Question 3

When you have many companies in the market, why are you interested in working for our company?

Answer: This shows the level of interest and how keen you are in joining them. You can say, "I would love to work here, since it is one of my dream companies. The culture and brand really attracts me to join your family." Keep it short.

Question 4

How do you think your college has prepared you to take up jobs in the market?

Answer: Here, interviewer is interested to know the different basic skills that you would have learnt or gained from education that will make you an ideal candidate for the given position. You can say "At college I had to meet daily deadlines, set goals for myself in a variety of subjects and activities and accomplish them. One of the most useful skills I gained from my college experience was learning how to plan, execute and complete assigned projects within the time period given".

Question 5

Where do you see yourself in five years' time?

Answer: Here, interviewer is trying to see if you have really thought about your future, and gauge your ambition. Do not comment on the designations, instead focus more on the role perspective. Say that I would like to be a master in a given portfolio or a subject matter expert being accountable and responsible for a given business. This sounds more natural and interesting for the listener.

Question 6

What is your greatest Strength?

Answer: The interviewer is looking for work related strengths. Mention something realistic which is really important. For example, eager to learn, taking initiatives, being self-motivated. Be prepared with some simple examples for these strengths if asked.

Question 7

What is your greatest Weakness?

Answer: Here, interviewer is looking for your honesty. Handle it by minimising your weakness and emphasising your strengths. Stay away from your personal qualities and concentrate on professional traits. FOr example, communication - I'm always working on my communication skills to be a effective presenter. I recently joined some course, which I find very helpful.

Question 8

What do you know about us?

Answer: Here, interviewer is trying to understand your interest and effort being invested in knowing more about the company prior to the interview. Visit the company website, look in the "about us" and "careers" section and get some latest updates. At the most you should be able to articulate what type of product or service the company sells, how long the company has been in business, what likely is the culture of the company.

Question 9

If your college friends or teachers were here, what would they say about you?

Answer: Here, the interviewer is trying to hunt for some decent qualities in you. Stay positive. They'd say I'm a hard worker and reliable person.

Question 10

What does "Success" mean according to you?

Answer: In such situation, interviewers see how well you would articulate your message being futuristic and align them with your goals and objectives. There is no right or wrong answer. "Success means happiness from work", "Being outstanding", "Something that drives me to work every day", "Being different from others".

Question 11

How would you divide 24 hours as of now, please explain in brief.

Answer: Here, interviewer is eager to know your daily calendar and try to understand your time management. You can highlight on how you really manage your day with few important tasks. For example, I wake up by 7 am and spend about 30 minutes on cycling or walking or exercise. Then, I go to college from 9 am to 5 pm. As soon as I return I spend some time with my family and do some research on job requirements and hit bed by 10 pm.

Question 12

How will you achieve your Goals?

Answer: Here, interviewer is trying to understand how well you are able to comprehend to the given situation. Choose the right words which play a key role during this answer. For example, I have an intention to acquire additional skills by taking part in relevant classes to the job. I see myself that your company is going to offer in-house training for employees and I would prefer to attend related classes to enhance my skills. Taking participation in conferences, seminars, meetings and upholding my education will be effective ways to continue my professional development.

Question 13

How long do you think you can stay with us if selected?

Answer: Here, interviewer is looking at your confidence levels. Neither you can predict future nor the employer. Precise response can be - As long as employer is happy with me, I'm happy.

Question 14

Can you sign an agreement or bond with us?

Answer: Here, interviewer is looking forward for your decision making skills. Never depend on anyone or your parents as you are the best and the right person to decide. Politely ask for any doubts and show your willingness to sign an agreement. There is no harm; anyways you are definitely looking for a long-term career.

Question 15

Do you have any question for us?

Answer: This is a common question. Do not ask anything on financials, instead pause for a while and proceed only if you wish as your answer is not a mandate. If you would like to ask, then say "If I'm selected how soon can I join". If you do not wish then just say, "No I'm clear".

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