Every year, International Literacy Day is observed on September 8 across the world. This is an opportunity provided for the government and civil societies to highlight their improvements.

Every year, the day is celebrated with a theme. This year in 2018, Literacy Day is commemorated under the theme of '"Literacy and Skills Development". UNESCO has planned many events across the world to commemorate the day.

History of Literacy Day

The initial observance started in the year 1965, from September 8 to 19 when during a World Conference of Ministers of Education in Tehran (in Iran), the world agreed on the need to remove every mark of illiteracy off the world.

The next year on October 26, 1966 the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) organised the 14th general conference and announced that September 8 will be celebrated every year as International Literacy day.

What is Literacy

The ability to read and write is called Literacy. If one is able enough read and write a script they are considered literate. Though proficiency in writing and reading doesn't mean that one is competent in terms of intelligence, but it does help one get there.

As the modern times are increasingly advancing, the meaning of literacy is also evolving. Today, literacy is not just about reading and writing but also the ability to use a language, images, numbers and the use of digital means to communicate, understand, acquire knowledge and spread information.

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