A preposition is a word that connects one thing with another, showing how they are related. A preposition is usually followed by a noun or pronoun.

1. Place

Some prepositions tell you about position or place.

  • There's a big balloon in the sky.
  • Jane is jumping into the pool.
  • The books fell off the shelf.
  • Dad always keeps his wallet in the drawer.
  • There is a long mirror on the wall.
  • The school is near the park.
  • There is an old castle on the hill.
  • The horse jumped over the hurdle.

2. Time

Some prepositions are used to talk about time.

  • Many shops close on Sundays.
  • The trees lose their leaves during winter.
  • We always wash our hands before meals.
  • We watched the World Cup game until 2:00 A.M.
  • Dad gets home about six in the evening.
  • We get up in the morning.
  • We go to bed at night.
  • It’s always hot in summer.
  • The movie starts at two in the afternoon.
  • Autumn begins in September.
  • They were married in 1990.
  • Joe arrived after me.
  • It has not rained at all for two weeks.
  • Breakfast is served at seven o’clock.
  • Kevin and Joe have been in the same class since first grade.