Linear Equations

A firm is thinking of buying a printer for its office use for the next one year. The criterion for choosing is based on the least per-page printing cost. It can choose between an inkjet printer which costs Rs. 5000 and a laser printer which costs Rs. 8000. The per-page printing cost for an inkjet is Rs. 1.80 and that for a laser printer is Rs. 1.50. The firm should purchase the laser printer, if the minimum number of a pages to be printed in the year exceeds

  1. 5000
  2. 10000
  3. 15000
  4. 18000


Let minimum number of pages to be printed be x.

Cost for inkjet printer = Cost for laser printer

5000 + 1.8x = 8000 + 1.5x

x = 10000

The correct option is B.