Profit Loss

A wholesaler bought walnuts and peanuts, the price of walnut per kg being thrice that of peanut per kg. He then sold 8 kg of peanuts at a profit of 10% and 16 kg of walnuts at a profit of 20% to a shopkeeper. However, the shopkeeper lost 5 kg of walnuts and 3 kg of peanuts in transit. He then mixed the remaining nuts and sold the mixture at Rs. 166 per kg, thus making an overall profit of 25%. At what price, in Rs. per kg, did the wholesaler buy the walnuts?

  1. 98
  2. 96
  3. 84
  4. 86


Let the cost price of peanuts for the wholesaler be Rs. x per kg.

Cost price of walnuts for the wholesaler is Rs. 3x per kg.

The wholesaler sold 8 kg of peanuts at 10% profit and 16 kg of walnuts at 20% profit to a shopkeeper.

Total cost price to the shopkeeper = (8)(x)(1.1) + 16(3x)(1.2)

= 66.4x

The shopkeeper lost 5 kg walnuts and 3 kg peanuts. So, the shopkeeper sold the mixture of 11 kg walnuts and 5 kg peanuts.

Total selling price of shopkeeper = 166(16) = Rs. 2656

Cost price of shopkeeper = 2656 × (100/125) = 2124.8

66.4x = 2124.8

x = 32

Price at which the wholesaler bought walnuts = 3x = Rs. 96 per kg 

The correct option is B.