CBSE Class 10 Questions

How has globalisation affected the life of Indians ? Explain with examples.

How are consumers enjoying the ‘right to be informed’ in their daily life ? Explain with examples.

How had the ‘First World War’ created economic problems in India ? Explain with examples.

How had a variety of cultural processes developed a sense of collective belongingness in India during the 19th century ? Explain with examples.

Describe the role of ‘technology’ in transformation of the world in the nineteenth century.

Describe the life of workers during the nineteenth century in England.

Describe various steps taken to clean up London in the nineteenth century.

Name the two major beverage crops grown in India. Describe their growing areas.

"Democracy is a better form of government than any other form of government." Justify the statement.

How can the industrial pollution of fresh water be reduced? Explain various ways.

"Democracies do not appear to be very successful in reducing economic inequalities." Justify the statement.

What is a political party? Explain any four characteristics of a political party.

Compare the economic activities of the private sector with that of the public sector.

Why did Nicola and Jacopo have to do several jobs ?

How did the circumstances prove favourable for the tiger hunt by Mrs. Packletide in ‘Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger’ ?

What will the poet’s friend learn when he arises on the ‘Judgement Day’ in the poem, ‘Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments’ ?

In the poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’, what opinion do you form of the other crew members on the ship with the Ancient Mariner ? Why ?

In the play, ‘Dear Departed’, why did Ben Jordan refer to the grandfather as ‘The drunken old beggar’ ?

Mr. Pakrashi was the force behind Patol Babu’s brilliant performance as an absent-minded pedestrian. Substantiate with reference to ‘Patol Babu, Film Star’.

Do you agree that the assassination of Julius Caesar was a deliberate move to satisfy the ambitions and aspirations of a few ? Give reasons.

With reference to ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’, what do the others in the Annexe think about Anne?

The residents of the Annexe had to take several precautions while in hiding. Describe with reference to ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’.

‘‘Tough people outlast tough conditions.’’ Describe Helen’s character in ‘The Story of My Life’ with reference to the above.

Helen in ‘The Story of My Life’ calls Boston the ‘‘city of kind hearts’’. Justify with reference to the text.

Given that √3 is an irrational number, prove that (2 + √3) is an irrational number.

X is a point on the side BC of ΔABC. XM and XN are drawn parallel to AB and AC respectively meeting AB in N and AC in M. MN produced meets CB produced at T. Prove that TX2 = TB × TC

In Figure, ABC is a triangle in which ∠B = 90º, BC = 48 cm and AB = 14 cm. A circle is inscribed in the triangle, whose centre is O. Find radius r of in-circle.

Find the linear relation between x and y such that P(x, y) is equidistant from the points A(1, 4) and B(–1, 2).

A, B, C are interior angles of ΔABC. Prove that cosec (A+B)/2 = sec C/2

A right circular cylinder and a cone have equal bases and equal heights. If their curved surface areas are in the ratio 8 : 5, show that the ratio between radius of their bases to their height is 3 : 4.

Seven times a two digit number is equal to four times the number obtained by reversing the order of its digits. If the difference of the digits is 3, determine the number.

Show that exactly one of the numbers n, n + 2 or n + 4 is divisible by 3.

If two positive integers p and q are written as p = a2b3 and q = a3b; a, b are prime numbers, then verify:
LCM (p, q) × HCF (p, q) = pq

Use Euclid’s algorithm to find the HCF of 4052 and 12576.

Using Euclid’s division algorithm find the HCF of the numbers 867 and 255.

Divide 27 into two parts such that the sum of their reciprocals is 3/20.

The sum of first n terms of an AP is given by Sn = 2n2 + 3n. Find the sixteenth term of the AP.

An AP consists of 37 terms. The sum of the three middle most terms is 225 and the sum of the last three terms is 429. Find the AP.

In an A.P if sum of its first n terms is 3n2 + 5n and its kth term is 164, find the value of k.

If coordinates of two adjacent vertices of a parallelogram are (3, 2), (1, 0) and diagonals bisect each other at (2, –5), find coordinates of the other two vertices.

If the area of triangle with vertices (x, 3), (4, 4) and (3, 5) is 4 square units, find x.

In figure, AB is a chord of length 8 cm of a circle of radius 5 cm. The tangents to the circle at A and B intersect at P. Find the length of AP.



Prove that

The side of a square is 10 cm. Find the area between inscribed and circumscribed circles of the square.

The short and long hands of a clock are 4 cm and 6 cm long respectively. Find the sum of distances travelled by their tips in 48 hours.

If sin (A + 2B) = √3/2 and cos (A + 4B) = 0, A > B, and A + 4B ≤ 90º, then find A and B.

The following frequency distribution shows the distance (in metres) thrown by 68 students in a Javelin throw competition.

Draw a less than type Ogive for the given data and find the median distance thrown using this curve.

The following distribution shows the daily pocket allowance of children of a locality. The mean pocket allowance is Rs.18. Find the missing frequency k.

By changing the following frequency distribution ‘to less than type’ distribution, draw its ogive.