Life Processes


(a) Define excretion.

(b) Name the basic filtration unit present in the kidney.

(c) Draw excretory system in human beings and label the following organs of excretory system which perform following functions:
(i) form urine
(ii) is a long tube which collects urine from kidney
(iii) store urine until it is passed out

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List in tabular form three distinguishing features between autotrophic nutrition and heterotrophic nutrition.

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(a) What is translocation ? Why is it essential for plants ?

(b) Where do the substances in plants reach as a result of translocation ?

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What is transpiration ? List its two functions.

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What is hydrotropism ? Design an experiment to demonstrate this phenomenon.

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What are homologous structures ? Give an example.

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Write the mechanism by which fishes breath in water.

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Name the balloon likes structures present in lungs. List its two functions.

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Name the respiratory pigment and write its role in human beings.

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Explain the ways in which glucose is broken down in absence of oxygen.

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List three differences between arteries and veins.

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(a) Name the process and explain the type of nutrition found in green plants. List the raw materials required for this process. Give chemical equation for the mentioned process.

(b) Write three events that occur during this process.

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(a) Mention any two components of blood.

(b) Trace the movement of oxygenated blood in the body.

(c) Write the function of valves present in between atria and ventricles.

(d) Write one structural difference between the composition of artery and veins.

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