A, B, C are interior angles of ΔABC. Prove that cosec (A+B)/2 = sec C/2


If sin (A + 2B) = √3/2 and cos (A + 4B) = 0, A > B, and A + 4B ≤ 90º, then find A and B.


Two poles of equal heights are standing opposite to each other on either side of the road which is 80 m wide. From a point in between them on the road, the angles of elevation of the top of poles are 60º and 30º respectively. Find the height of the poles and the distances of the point from the poles.


If sin θ + cos θ = √2, then evaluate: tan θ + cot θ


The angle of elevation of the top of a hill at the foot of a tower is 60º and the angle of depression from the top of tower to the foot of hill is 30º. If tower is 50 metre high, find the height of the hill.


If 4 tan θ = 3, evaluate


If tan 2A = cot (A - 18°), where 2A is an acute angle, find the value of A.


As observed from the top of a 100 m high light house from the sea-level, the angles of depression of two ships are 30° and 45°. If one ship is exactly behind the other on the same side of the light house, find the distance between the two ships. [Use √3 = 1.732]


The angles of depression of the top and bottom of a building 50 metres high as observed from the top of a tower are 30° and 60°, respectively. Find the height of the tower and also the horizontal distance between the building and the tower.


An aeroplane is flying at a height of 300 m above the ground. Flying at this height, the angles of depression from the aeroplane of two points on both banks of a river in opposite directions are 45° and 60° respectively. Find the width of the river. [Use √3 = 1.732]