Acids, Bases and Salts


(a) For the preparation of cakes, baking powder is used. If at home your mother uses baking soda instead of baking powder, how will it affect the taste of the cake and why?

(b) How is baking soda be converted into baking powder?

(c) What makes the cake soft and spongy?


In the electrolysis of water,

  1. Name the gas collected at anode and cathode?
  2. Why is the volume of gas collected at one electrode double than the other?
  3. What would happen if dil H2SO4 is not added to water?

"pH has a great importance in our daily life". Explain by giving three examples.


A compound which is prepared from gypsum has the property of hardening when mixed with a proper quantity of water. Identify the compound and write its chemical formula. Write the chemical equation for its preparation. Mention any one use of the compound.


1 g of solid sodium chloride is taken in a clean and dry test tube and 2 mL of conc. sulphuric acid is added to it. If the gas evolved is tested first with dry and then with wet blue litmus paper, in which case will the litmus paper change colour? Give reason for your answer. What inference can be drawn about the nature of the evolved gas ? Support your answer with chemical equation for the reaction.


2 mL of sodium hydroxide solution is added to a few pieces of granulated zinc metal taken in a test tube. When the contents are warmed, a gas evolves which is bubbled through a soap solution before testing. Write the equation of the chemical reaction involved and the test to detect the gas. Name the gas which will be evolved when the same metal reacts with dilute solution of a strong acid.