RNA is different from DNA because RNA contains

  1. ribose sugar and uracil
  2. deoxyribose sugar and uracil
  3. ribose sugar and thymine
  4. deoxyribose sugar and thymine
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The reason for double helical structure of DNA is operation of

  1. electrostatic attractions
  2. dipole-­dipole interaction
  3. van der Waal's forces
  4. hydrogen bonding
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Complete hydrolysis of cellulose gives

  1. D-­fructose
  2. D-­glucose
  3. D­-ribose
  4. L-­glucose
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Which base is present in RNA but not in DNA?

  1. Thymine
  2. Guanine
  3. Cytosine
  4. Uracil
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The term anomers of glucose refers to

  1. a mixture of (D)­glucose and (L)­glucose
  2. enantiomers of glucose
  3. isomers of glucose that differ in configuration at carbon one (C­1)
  4. isomers of glucose that differ in configurations at carbons one and four (C­1 and C­4)
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The secondary structure of a protein refers to

  1. hydrophobic interactions
  2. fixed configuration of the polypeptide backbone
  3. sequence of α-­amino acids
  4. α ­helical backbone
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The two functional groups present in a typical carbohydrate are

  1. -CHO and -COOH
  2. >C=O and -OH
  3. -OH and -CHO
  4. -OH and -COOH
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