Chemical Bonding


The correct order of bond angles (smallest first) in H2S, NH3, BF3 and SiH4 is

  1. H2S < NH3 < SiH4 < BF3
  2. NH3 < H2S < SiH4 < BF3
  3. H2S < SiH4 < NH3 < BF3
  4. H2S < NH3 < BF3 < SiH4
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The bond order in NO is 2.5 while that in NO+ is 3. Which of the following statements is true for these two species?

  1. Bond length is unpredictable
  2. Bond length in NO+ is equal to that in NO
  3. Bond length in NO+ is greater than in NO
  4. Bond length in NO is greater than in NO+
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The molecule having smallest bond angle is

  1. AsCl3
  2. PCl3
  3. SbCl3
  4. NCl3
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A square planar complex is formed by hybridisation of which atomic orbitals?

  1. s, px, py, pz
  2. s, px, py, pz, d
  3. d, s, px, py
  4. s, px, py, pz, d, d
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Which one of the following compounds has the smallest bond angle in its molecule?

  1. NH3
  2. SH2
  3. SO2
  4. OH2
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