Whether you are already taking some tuition, coaching or preparing by yourself, improving your basic concepts and question solving skills is essential for getting good percentage in the board exams. Get the most important questions that are asked in the exams.

But how do you improve your knowledge and skills, especially when you have so much to learn in very limited time? That's the challenge we wanted to solve when we started e-learning courses.

This online email course is exclusively for CBSE Class X students who are serious about getting good marks and percentage.

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In short, online practice course along with powerful email lessons that will make you excel in your board exams!

  CBSE X 2018-19
  For Board Exams in March 2019
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Course Coverage

English Communicative

Writing Skills

Letter Writing, Story Writing


Gap Filling, Missing Word, Sentence Reordering


Prose: Two Gentlemen Of Verona, Mrs. Packletide's Tiger, The Letter, A Shady Plot, Patol Babu Film Star, Virtually True

Poetry: The Frog and the Nithtingale, Mirror, Not Marble Nor Gilded Monuments, Ozymandias, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, Snake, 

Play: The Dear Departed, Julius Caesar

Novel: Diary of a Young Girl, The Story of My Life


Chemical Substances (Chemistry), World of Living (Biology), Natural Phenomenon (Light), Effects of Current (Physics), Natural Resources (Environment), Practical Skills


Number Systems, Algebra, Arithmetic Progressions, Coordinate Geometry, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Statistics, Probability

Social Science

History, Geography, Civics, Economics

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