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Did you know that more than 14 lakh candidates take JEE Main every year in the hope to pursue engineering from the prestigious institutes like IITs and NITs?

But only a few thousand candidates get selected with their rank in JEE Main.

So, how do you improve your skills in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, especially when you have so much to learn in very limited time? That's the challenge we wanted to solve when we started e-learning courses.

This online email course is exclusively for JEE aspirants who are serious about preparing for JEE.

Start the course today!

In short, online practice course along with powerful email lessons that will make you excel in JEE Main and other engineering entrance tests!

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Course Coverage

A. Physics

Unit I: Mechanics

# Lessons
1 Units and Measurement
2 Kinematics
3 Laws of Motion
4 Work, Power and Energy
Rotational Motion
6 Gravitation
7 Simple Harmonic Motion
Waves and Sound

Unit II: Thermal Physics

# Lessons
1 Properties of Solids
2 Properties of Fluids
3 Heat and Thermodynamics

Unit III: Electricity and Magnetism

# Lessons
1 Electrostatics
2 Current Electricity
3 Magnetism
4 EMI and AC
5 Electromagnetic Waves

Unit IV: Optics

# Lessons
1 Ray Optics
2 Wave Optics

Unit V: Modern Physics and Experiments

# Lessons
1 Dual Nature of Radiation & Matter
2 Atoms and Nuclei
3 Electronic Devices
4 Communication Systems
5 Experimental Skills

B. Chemistry

Unit I: Physical Chemistry

# Lessons
1 Basic Concepts in Chemistry
2 Atomic Structure
3 Chemical Bonding
4 States of Matter
5 Gaseous State
Liquid State
Solid State
8 Chemical Solutions
9 Chemical Equilibrium
10  Ionic Equilibrium
11 Redox Reactions
12  Electrochemistry
13 Chemical Kinetics
14 Chemical Thermodynamics
15 Surface Chemistry

Unit II: Inorganic Chemistry

# Lessons
1 Classification of Elements
2 Isolation of Metals
3 Hydrogen
4 s-Block Elements
5 p-Block Elements
6 d and f Block Elements
7 Coordination Compounds

Unit III: Organic Chemistry

# Lessons
1 General Organic Chemistry
2 Hydrocarbons
3 Compounds Containing Halogens
4 Compounds Containing Oxygen
5 Compounds Containing Nitrogen
6 Polymers
7 Bio Molecules
8 Chemistry in Everyday Life

C. Mathematics

Unit I: Algebra

# Lessons
1 Sets
2 Relations and Functions
3 Quadratic Equations
4 Vectors

Unit II: Arithmetic

# Lessons
1 Complex Numbers
2 Matrices and Determinants
3 Permutation & Combination
4 Binomial Theorem
5 Sequences & Series
6 Mathematical Induction

Unit III: Calculus

# Lessons
1 Functions, Limits & Continuity
2 Differentiation
Application of Derivatives
4 Indefinite Integral
Definite Integral
6 Differential Equations

Unit IV: Geometry

# Lessons
1 Straight Lines
Conic Sections
4 3D Geometry

Unit V: Other Topics

# Lessons
1 Statistics
2 Probability
3 Trigonometry
4 Mathematical Reasoning


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