Diary of Young Girl (C10)

Give a brief character sketch of Mr. Otto Frank.

Anne sees her father, Otto Frank, as a kindred spirit.

Likes reading books - history, and news, and he encourages these interests in Anne.

He frequently tries to amuse those around him and lighten up the mood of the Annex.

Otto seems to be basically even-tempered and eager for peace in every situation.

He often serves as the peacekeeper between the Franks, van Daans, and Dussel.

Anne adores her father, she occasionally voices her concern that her father doesn't recognize her for the mature young woman she feels herself to be.

Throughout the two years that the Franks were in hiding, Mr. Frank was a pillar of strength for the group. It was he who tutored Anne, Margot, and Peter, it was he who always tried to soothe members of the group when tempers flared up.

He readily shared his hiding place with another family, the Van Daans, and later on with another man, Mr. Düssel, even though this meant that the Franks' own living conditions were even more cramped and their food rations limited.