Story of My Life (C10)

Helen in ‘The Story of My Life’ calls Boston the ‘‘city of kind hearts’’. Justify with reference to the text.


Helen - remembered the beach where she played in the sun at Boston.

She remembered Mr. William Endicott who would tell her about great ships that came sailing to Boston.

He opened up his house, talked to her as a close friend. They enjoyed each other’s company and the love and compassion she received made her call Boston the ‘City of Kind Hearts’.

Helen’s father made a request for a teacher for Helen to Mr. Anagnos, the head of the ‘Perkins Institution for the blind’ in Boston.

He got a comforting assurance that a teacher had been found.

Her joy was complete when children at Perkins greeted her with eagerness and enthusiasm and made her feel at home and she regarded Boston as the beginning and end of creation.