Diary of Young Girl (C10)

How does Anne Frank mature and develop through the course of her diary?


Anne changed in many ways over the two years she was writing her diary.

Some of these changes can be described as "growth".

She became an astute observer of politics, and of human nature, and she became a very practiced and well-educated writer.

Many of her diary entries suggest a mind mature past her years, and we forget we are reading the work of a teenager.

On one hand, she feels like she is still the exuberant and sociable person that made her so popular in school, but on the other hand, she feels like a person with deep views and insights into the world around.

Question 2: How does Anne develop as her diary progresses?

In the beginning, basic daily accounts; later, critical thinking - assessment of characters - questions persecution of the Jews - comments on war - realises her own identity as a member of a group