Story of My Life (C10)

Miss Sullivan played a very important part in Helen’s life. Discuss with reference to the novel.

  • Helen recognizes Annie's contribution throughout her life as teacher, interpreter, friend, companion and motivator.
  • Annie never misses an opportunity to teach Helen, whether it be academically or life skills, Annie Sullivan's most instrumental effects is felt when she makes Helen "Think."
  • It is this that helps Helen make the connection between the abstract and the physical, her nurturing and care allowed a lost and lonely child to grow and mature.
  • She became her student’s closest family, companion, and friend.
  • The ability of Helen Keller to surmount her handicaps and learn to read, write, and speak despite her deafness and blindness was a miracle, success due to the constant support of and undying encouragement from her teacher.

Annie Sullivan, persevered in showing her temperamental and uncooperative student how to establish some sort of communication and contact with a world that Helen could not see, hear, nor understand. She empathized with her student without letting the latter to get away with whatever the latter wished to do efforts rewarded with an equally enthusiastic student, who demonstrated a thirst for knowledge once the barrier formed by her handicaps that isolated her from the outside gradually started to crumble because of the diligence of Annie Sullivan.