Story of My Life (C10)

‘‘Tough people outlast tough conditions.’’ Describe Helen’s character in ‘The Story of My Life’ with reference to the above.


  • had a debilitating illness as a baby and is rendered blind and deaf

  • initially a difficult child

  • very expressive but learns with great difficulty how to communicate with the help of her teachers

  • finds joy in the simplest of things and shows her love for nature and her appreciation through her acceptance

  • is accused of plagiarism which affects her confidence and belief in herself

  • learns how to manage and overcome her own difficulties while at Perkin’s Institute

  • Anne Sullivan, her constant companion

  • her remarkable courage and indomitable spirit makes her overcome hardships and apparent misfortunes with her patience and hard work

  • gives hope to thousands of people who are trapped in the darkness of their lives

  • became a source of inspiration