What do the others in the Annexe think about Anne

Diary of Young Girl (C10)

With reference to ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’, what do the others in the Annexe think about Anne?


Opinion of the residents about Anne:

  • Mother (Edith Frank): could not relate with Anne/ conflicts between the two of them, thought she lacked understanding, found her cold and tactless

  • Father (Otto Frank): relationship was full of love and understanding, he laughed with her, taught her and was relaxed with her, shared a strong bond with Anne

  • Sister (Margot): shared a difficult relationship at times, later on came closer when feared for their lives, they sorted out their differences later and became real friends

  • Peter: Liked Anne in a romantic way, more of infatuation, initially Anne found him boring and shy but their relationship changed - however their relationship was short-lived

  • The Van Dans: Could not stand Anne, kept on criticizing Anne’s upbringing, was jealous of Anne’s relationship with Peter

  • Mr. Dussel: Shared room with Anne, bickering and complaining about Anne, found her difficult to deal with