Consider the following characteristics of a tropical cyclone:

  1. A warm sea temperature of > 26 Degree Celcius
  2. High relative humidity of atmosphere at a height of > 700 m
  3. Atmospheric instability

The above mentioned characteristics are associated with which one of the following cycles of its development?

  1. Formulation and initial stage
  2. Modification stage
  3. Full maturity
  4. Decay


A cyclone is a large air mass that rotates around a strong center of low atmospheric pressure. Cyclones are called hurricanes in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific, typhoons in Southeast Asia, and cyclones in the Indian Ocean and western Pacific around Australia.

A average warm sea temperature of around 26° Celcius, high relative humidity of atmosphere at a height of more than 700 m and an atmospheric instability are conducive factors for the formation of a cyclone.

The correct option is A.