S1: A common disease of the eye is conjunctivitis or ‘pink eye’, which often occurs in school-children.
S6: Students with this condition should be sent to the doctor.

P: This disease spreads rapidly among school-children.
Q: A white discharge also appears in the corners of the eyes.
R: One or both eyeballs turn quite red and have a feeling of irritation.
S: This discharge forms a crust which can often be seen in the morning after the eyes have been shut all night.

The proper sequence should be

  1. P S Q R
  2. R S Q P
  3. R Q S P
  4. Q S R P


The paragraph talks about the conjunctivitis disease. Sentences Q and R are about the conditions is the disease. "Also" in sentence Q indicates that it should follow the sentence R. "This Discharge" in the sentence S indicates that it shold be followed by the sentence Q which mentions about the discharge.

The correct option is C.

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