SI: The sun-dried stalks of rice had caught fire and burst into flames.
S6: Even those who were too feeble to keep up with the first rush were on their feet, eager to join the fire-fighters.

P: Then came most of the older people, and mothers with babies at their backs.
Q: And all the active women and girls followed them to assist them in fighting the fire.
R: All the young men and boys were soon on the spot.
S: Staring-wildly at the blazing rice, the people of the village ran to extinguish the fire.

The proper sequence should be

  1. P S Q R
  2. Q P R S
  3. S R P Q
  4. S R Q P


First, young men and boys (sentence R), then active women and girls (sentence Q), and then older people (sentence P) came at the fire spot.

The correct option is D.

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