Heredity & Evolution (C10)

With the help of one example for each, distinguish between the acquired traits and the inherited traits. Why are the traits / experiences acquired during the entire lifetime of an individual not inherited in the next generation? Explain the reason of this fact with an example.


Acquired traits: Traits which develop in the life time of an individual and do not pass to the progeny. For example, Learning a skill such as dance, music, loss of body parts, weight

Inherited traits: Traits present in the gamete or germ cells which can be seen in the progeny. For example, skin colour, eyebrows

Reasons: Traits or characteristics acquired during one’s life time do not bring any change in the DNA of the reproducing cells or germ cells.

Examples - Decrease in body weight of beetles due to starvation do not pass on to the next generation because there is no change in the germ cells of beetles.