GP Magnetism

A circular loop placed in a plane perpendicular to the plane of paper carries a current when the key is ON. The current as seen from points A and B (in the plane of paper and on the axis of the coil) is anti clockwise and clockwise respectively. The magnetic field lines point from B to A. The N-pole of the resultant magnet is on the face close to

  1. A
  2. B
  3. A if the current is small, and B if the current is large
  4. B if the current is small and A if the current is large


When we see from point A, the direction of current will be anticlockwise and when we see the direction of current from point B then it will be clockwise. It means current is flowing as shown in the figure given below.

By right-hand thumb rule, the magnetic field lines will enter from point B and come out from point A.

We also know that, the magnetic field lines emerge from North Pole and merge at the South Pole outside the magnet. Hence, in this circuit face A represents North pole and face B represents south pole.

The correct option is A.