GP Electricity

In an electrical circuit three incandescent bulbs A, B and C of rating 40 W, 60 W and 100 W respectively are connected in parallel to an electric source. Which of the following is likely to happen regarding their brightness?

  1. Brightness of all the bulbs will be the same
  2. Brightness of bulb A will be the maximum
  3. Brightness of bulb B will be more than that of A
  4. Brightness of bulb C will be less than that of B


The power is defined as rate of doing work. A bulb consumes electric energy and produces heat and light. Now, bulb with more power rating will produce more heat and light. Thus, power rating of bulb is directly proportional to the brightness produced by bulb.

Therefore, brightness of bulb B with power rating 60 W will be more than the brightness of bulb A having power rating as 40 W.

The correct option is C.