In the given food chain, suppose the amount of energy at fourth trophic level is 5 kJ, what will be the energy available at the producer level?
Grass → Grasshopper → Frog → Snake → Hawk

  1. 5 kJ
  2. 50 kJ
  3. 500 kJ
  4. 5000 kJ


According to 10 percent law, 90% of the energy captured from the previous trophic level is lost to the environment and only 10 percent is made available to the next trophic level.

In this food chain, at the 4th trophic level, 5 kJ energy is available to the snake

⇒ Energy available to Frog = 10% of 50 kJ

⇒ Energy available to Grasshopper = 10% of 500 kJ

⇒ Energy available to Grass = 10% of 5000 kJ.

The correct option is D.

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