Social Science Class X

Describe any three major problems faced by migrants in Bombay (Mumbai) during nineteenth century.

"The function and the shape of the family were completely transformed by life in the industrial city." Clarify the statement with regard to urbanization that happened in England in the 18th century.

Describe any three major problems faced by Indian cotton weavers in nineteenth century.

"Even before factories began to dot the landscape in England and Europe, there was large-scale industrial production for an international market in the country side." Elucidate.

Describe the impact of ‘Rinderpest’ on people’s livelihoods and local economy in Africa in the 1890s.

Illustrate with examples that food offers many opportunities of long-distance cultural exchange.

"Print created the possibility of wide circulation of ideas and introduced a new world of debate and discussion." Analyse the statement in the context of religion in Europe.

“The ‘Print Revolution’ had transformed the lives of people changing their relationship to information and knowledge.” Analyse the statement.

"Not everyone welcomed the printed book, and those who did also had fears about it." Justify the statement by giving three arguments.

“Premchand’s novels are filled with all kinds of powerful characters from all levels of society.” Analyse the statement with examples.

Distinguish between the themes of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ and ‘Jane Eyre’ novels written by Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte respectively.

"Colonial administrators found vernacular novels a valuable source of information on native life and customs." Prove the statement by giving three evidences.

Why is there a need to develop rainwater harvesting system in India? Explain.

How has the ever increasing number of industries in India made worse position by exerting pressure on existing fresh water resources? Explain.

Explain reasons for which the multi-purpose projects and large dams have come under great scrutiny and opposition in the recent years.

“Dense and efficient network of transport is a pre-requisite for local and national development.” Analyse the statement.

Explain the importance of railways as the principal mode of transportation for freight and passengers in India.

"The pace of change has been rapid in modern times and has impacted the ways of communication as well." In light of the given statement explain the role of a variety of means of communication that are used in India in the currents times.

India has one of the largest road networks in the world, aggregating to about 2.3 million km at present. On what basis roadways have taken an edge over railways? Explain.

Under which type of federation India comes? Mention any two features of such federation.

Describe any three provisions of amendment made in ‘Indian Constitution’ in 1992 for making ‘Three-Tier’ government more effective and powerful.

Describe any three factors that are responsible for breaking down of caste system in India.

"Three factors are crucial in deciding the outcome of politics of social divisions." Elaborate upon the statement.

Women face disadvantage, discrimination and oppression in various ways even today. Assess the statement by giving suitable arguments.

"A challenge is an opportunity for progress." Support the statement with your arguments.

Why is sustainable development essential for economic growth? Explain.

How is the issue of sustainability important for development? Explain with examples.

Mohit is 28 years of age, has 65 kg of body weight and is 1.4 meters tall. Calculate his BMI. Find out whether he is under nourished or over weight. Why?

How does public sector contribute to the economic development to the nation? Explain.

Rohan works in a bank as a clerk while Sumit works on a construction site as a labourer. Describe difference in their conditions of work and judge the benefits and drawbacks of working in the respective sectors.

Reema works as a shift technician in Mehta Textiles Ltd. whereas Shirin works as a Sales Executive in Kashvi Fashion Showroom. Identify the sectors of economy in which Reema and Shirin are working. Evaluate the role of each of these sectors in the Indian economy.

"The credit activities of the informal sector should be discouraged." Support the statement with arguments.

Why is cheap and affordable credit important for the country’s development? Explain any three reasons.

Amrita is a government employee and belongs to a rich urban household whereas Rani works as a helper on a construction site and comes from a poor rural household. Both have a crisis at home and wish to take loan. Create a list of arguments explaining who between the two would successfully be able to get the loan from a formal source. Why?

"The consumer redressal process is becoming cumbersome, expensive and time consuming." Explain ways to solve this problem.

How can consumer awareness be spread among consumers to avoid exploitation in the market place? Explain any three ways.

Describe the explosive conditions prevailed in Balkans after 1871 in Europe.

Describe steps taken by the French Revolutionaries to create a sense of collective identity among the French people.