Antonym of Liquidate

The company was liquidated within five years.

  1. bankrupt
  2. closed down
  3. flourishing
  4. privatized
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Antonym of Diversity

Cultural diversity in the working place is good for business.

  1. uniformity
  2. conformity
  3. identity
  4. similarity
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Antonym of Likeness

There is no likeness between him and his brother.

  1. unlikeliness
  2. unlikelihood
  3. dissimilarity
  4. disaffinity
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Antonym of Fine

He had a fine ear for music.

  1. small
  2. close
  3. coarse
  4. smooth
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Antonym of Outgoing

Due to the postal strike, the outgoing mail got delayed.

  1. urgent
  2. incoming
  3. ordinary
  4. speedy
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Antonym of Miscellaneous

There are a few miscellaneous items to discuss in this meeting.

  1. pure
  2. mixed
  3. homogenous
  4. discordant
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Antonym of Serious

He is very serious by temperament.

  1. grave
  2. trivial
  3. sober
  4. stupid
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Antonym of Concerned

The party was excellent, and I would like to thank all the people concerned.

  1. cared
  2. attentive
  3. dependable
  4. uninvolved
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Antonym of Attract

Why does the fire attract insects?

  1. discharge
  2. destroy
  3. repel
  4. remove
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Antonym of Geared

The country’s economy must be geared to wartime requirements.

  1. subordinated to
  2. related to
  3. adjusted to
  4. unlinked to
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Antonym of Corroborate

The witness corroborated word for word the statement of the victim.

  1. accepted
  2. confirmed
  3. denied
  4. repeated
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Antonym of Auspicious

The birth of his child decidedly proved to be an auspicious event in his life.

  1. precious
  2. ominous
  3. useless
  4. unforgettable
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Antonym of Affable

Unlike his brother, he is affable.

  1. reserved
  2. gullible
  3. irritable
  4. lovable
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Antonym of Arduous

It was indeed arduous to cross streets in New York.

  1. pleasant
  2. effortless
  3. interesting
  4. risky
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Antonym of Fiasco

My first lecture in the classroom was a fiasco.

  1. success
  2. joy
  3. fun
  4. disaster
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