Idioms and Phrases


Give the benefit of doubt

  1. To be partial to someone
  2. To be judgemental
  3. Regard someone as innocent until proven otherwise
  4. Say something exactly right
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Don’t count your chickens before the eggs have hatched

  1. If you are not good at something better to avoid that
  2. Don’t make plans for something that might not happen
  3. Not to come up to expectations
  4. Don’t put all your resources in one possibility
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Devil’s advocate

  1. A dangerous person
  2. To present a counter argument
  3. Very argumentative person
  4. Creating an unpleasant situation
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Cut the mustard

  1. Prepare spices out of mustard seeds
  2. To come up to expectations
  3. Making absurd expectations
  4. Very enthusiastic
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Cry over spilt milk

  1. Complaining about a loss in the past
  2. Too much inquisitive about something
  3. When something is done badly to save money
  4. Dealing with a problem only in an emergency situation
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