NCERT Chapter Summary: Linear Programming

In earlier classes, we have discussed systems of linear equations and their applications in day to day problems. In Class XI, we have studied linear inequalities and systems of linear inequalities in two variables and their solutions by graphical method. Many applications in mathematics involve systems of inequalities or equations.

In this chapter, we shall apply the systems of linear inequalities or equations to solve some real life problems. Type of problems which seek to maximise (or, minimise) profit (or, cost) form a general class of problems called optimisation problems. Thus, an optimisation problem may involve finding maximum profit, minimum cost, or minimum use of resources etc. A special but a very important class of optimisation problems is linear programming problem.

Linear programming problems are of much interest because of their wide applicability in industry, commerce, management science etc. In this chapter, we shall study some linear programming problems and their solutions by graphical method only, though there are many other methods also to solve such problems.