XAT Decision Making

Analyse the following caselete and answer the question that follows:

Principal Maheshwari of BINK School of Management is facing a problem that calls for quick action. She received an anonymous mail one day, possibly from one of the students, complaining about outdated syllabi, medicore teachers and poor choice of courses on offer.

Which of the following is the best course of action available to the Principal?

  1. She should invite students to discuss any problem openly, one on one or in small groups, promise to act on them but firmly condemn the culture of anonymous mails.
  2. She should update the students about the efforts the institute is taking in sprucing up the syllabi, hiring talented faculty etc., but make no reference to the letter.
  3. She should convene a meeting of the faculty at the earliest and get them to work on updating the syllabi and also arrange a faculty development program but keep mum about the letter.
  4. She should convene a meeting of the faculty and talk about the letter as a symptom of a deeper malaise, ask them to update the syllabi and also organize a faculty development program.
  5. She should ignore the letter and not think about it at all.


The principal has received an anonymous mail which could be a result of an underlying concern, which might be genuine or not, among the students. So, she should focus on the underlying concern, but this way of communicating anonymously is something that should be strongly discouraged. Since the underlying concern may or may not be genuine, she should openly invite students for discussions but not discuss the mail as such.

Hence, Option A is the right answer because principal is addressing the issue of anonymous email and whether the content of the email is a concern.

The correct option is A.