A piece of ice, 100 g in mass is kept at 0°C. The amount of heat it requires to melt at 0°C is (take latent heat of melting of ice to be 333.6 J/g):

  1. 750.6 J
  2. 83.4 J
  3. 33360 J
  4. 3.336 J


When ice melts, it remains at 0°C (32°F), and the liquid water that is formed with the latent heat of fusion is also at 0°C. 

Latent heat of melting of ice = 333.6 J/g

1 g of ice requires 333.6 J heat to melt. So, for 100 g of ice,

Amount of heat required = 100 g × 333.6 J/g = 33360 J

The correct option is C.

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