How many kilometers are represented by 1° of latitude

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How many kilometers are represented by 1° of latitude?

  1. 111 km
  2. 321 km
  3. 211 km
  4. 91 km


Latitude specifies the north-south position. The equator is 0°, the north pole 90°, and the south pole -90°. Latitude lines drawn on a globe resemble a stack of circles of difference sizes, with the largest at the equator.

Longitude specifies the earth-west position. For no reason other than an accident of history, the Prime Meridian, which runs through Greenwich, England, is 0°. Longitude goes up to 180° east and 180° west. Every longitude line runs through both the north and south pole.

At the equator, one degree of longitude and latitude both cover about 111 kilometers, or just under 70 miles. When we get away from the equator, this starts getting tricky.

The correct option is A.