Which is a function of the Pro-Tem Speaker of the Lok Sabha


Which one among the following is a function of the Pro-Tem Speaker of the Lok Sabha?

  1. Give his assent to the bills passed by the House
  2. Conduct of the proceedings of the House in the absence of the Speaker
  3. Swear in the members of the House and hold the charge till a regular Speaker is elected
  4. To check if the election certificates of the members of the House are in order


After a general election and the formation of a new government, a list of senior Lok Sabha members prepared by the Legislative Section is submitted to the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, who selects a Protem speaker. The appointment has to be approved by the president.

The first meeting after the election when the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker are selected by members of the Parliament is held under the pro tem Speaker. In absence of the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker acts as Speaker and in the absence of both a committee of six member selected by the Speaker will act as Speaker according to their seniority.

The correct option is C.