Which statements about classification of plants is correct

Which one of the following statements about classification of plants is correct?

  1. Thallophytes have well differentiated body design
  2. Funaria is a fungus
  3. All Pteridophytes are Phanerogams
  4. Vascular system is not found among Bryophytes


Mosses and liverworts are lumped together as bryophytes, plants lacking true vascular tissues, and sharing a number of other primitive traits. They also lack true stems, roots, or leaves, though they have cells that perform these general functions.

Bryophytes do not have a true vascular system and are unable to pull water and nutrients up from the ground at any significant distance. Lacking this specialised system distinguishes bryophytes from ferns and flowering plants. It is for this reason that they are considered to be rather primitive plants.

The correct option is D.