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In the context of which of the following do some scientists suggest the use of cirrus cloud thinning technique and the injection of sulphate aerosol into stratosphere?

  1. Creating the artificial rains in some regions
  2. Reducing the frequency and intensity of tropical cyclones
  3. Reducing the adverse effects of solar wind on the Earth
  4. Reducing the global warming


Thinning cirrus clouds would be achieved by injecting ice nuclei (such as dust) into regions where cirrus clouds form, making the ice crystals bigger and reducing the cirrus optical depth. Thinning the clouds could allow more heat to escape into space and thereby cool the planet.

Stratospheric sulfate aerosol injection has been proposed to counteract anthropogenic greenhouse gas warming and prevent regional climate emergencies. It increases reflectivity of lower stratosphere to cast a small proportion of the inbound sunlight back into space and cool the planet off.

The correct option is D.