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Which one of the following is the theme of the International Day for Monuments and Sites (World Heritage Day) 2017?

  1. The Heritage of Sport
  2. Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Tourism
  3. Past and Present Heritage
  4. Heritage and Science


Every year on 18 April, ICOMOS (International Council On Monuments and Sites) celebrates the International Day for Monuments and Sites. In 2017, the theme was "Cultural Heritage & Sustainable Tourism", chosen in relation to the United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.

April 18 was identified as the World Heritage Day in the year 1982 by International Council for Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS). It was suggested that a special day should be marked and celebrated all through the world in the name of "International Day for Monuments and Sites". In 1983, UNESCO’s General Conference also approved the idea and since then, April 18 is marked as the World Heritage Day.

The correct option is B.