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World Science Day for Peace and Development (organised by UNESCO) is celebrated worldwide on 10th November every year. Which one of the following was the theme for the year 2016?

  1. Quality Science Education : ensuring a sustainable future for all
  2. Science for the rapprochement of peoples and cultures
  3. Celebrating Science Centres and Science Museums
  4. Science for a Sustainable Future


World Science Day for Peace and Development is an internationally celebrated day to highlight the importance of science in and for society and that science, peace and development are interlinked. It is celebrated on 10th November every year.

The 2016 World Science Day for Peace and Development was dedicated to the theme "Celebrating Science Centres and Science Museums". Science museums and centres are platforms for dialogue, understanding and resilience. They produce sparks of delight and wonder that inspire all visitors, regardless of age and background, in an experience that brings all women and men together around common values. 

The correct option is C.