Ancient History

In which one of the following edicts is the name 'Ashoka' inscribed?

  1. Shahbazgarhi major rock edict
  2. Minor rock edict - I at Maski
  3. Dhauli major rock edict
  4. Kandahar pillar edict


Maski is an archaeological site in the Lingasugur taluk of Raichur district in Karnataka. It lies on the bank of the Maski river which is a tributary of the Tungabhadra. The site came into prominence with the discovery of a minor rock edict of Emperor Ashoka by C. Beadon in 1915. It was the first edict of Emperor Ashoka that contained the name Ashoka in it instead of the earlier edicts that referred him as Devanampiye piyadasi.

The correct option is B.