Medieval History

What is the name of the award given to meritorious men in the Mughal Court in the form of a robe of honour that was once worn by the Emperor?

  1. Sarapa
  2. Patka
  3. Padma murassa
  4. Khilat


The granting of titles to men of merit was an important aspect of Mughal polity. The title Asaf Khan was for one of the highest ministers. The title Mirza Raja was accorded by Aurangzeb to his two highest-ranking nobles, Jai Singh and Jaswant Singh.

Other awards included the robe of honour (khilat), a garment once worn by the emperor and imbued with his benediction. One gift, the sarapa (head to foot), consisted of a tunic, a turban and a sash (patka). Jewelled ornaments were often given as gifts by the emperor.

The lotus blossom set with jewels (padma murassa) was given only in exceptional circumstances.

The correct option is D.