Bell Electronics sells only five products

Line Graph Pie Charts

Bell Electronics sells only five products - Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Netbooks and Tablets. The pie chart given below shows the percentage contribution of each product in the total revenue of Rs. 500 crores generated by Bell Electronics in the fiscal year 2012-13.


For analyzing the data, the fiscal year 2012-13 was divided into four quarters (Qtr) of three months each. The line graph given below shows the quarter-wise percentage break-up of the total revenue generated by each product in the fiscal year 2012-13.

1. Which product generated the maximum revenue in the 3rd quarter of the fiscal year?

  1. Printers
  2. Laptops
  3. Desktops
  4. Tablets

2. In which quarter was the revenue generated by Laptops equal to the revenue generated by Desktops?

  1. 1st
  2. 2nd
  3. 3rd
  4. 4th

3. What was the ratio of the revenue generated by Printers in the 2nd quarter to the revenue generated by Laptops in the 4th quarter?

  1. 1 : 2
  2. 2 : 3
  3. 2 : 1
  4. 3 : 2


  1. D
  2. A
  3. B