Which would have happened if the Himalayas did not exist


Which of the following would have happened if the Himalayas did not exist?

  1. North western part of India would have experienced humid condition
  2. Coastal India would have experienced Mediterranean climate
  3. North Indian plain would have been much cooler in winter
  4. Monsoon rains would have taken place in winter months


India has two monsoon seasons namely South West Monsoon season(June-September) and the North East Monsoon season (October to December). The monsoon winds from the south west monsoon get reflected by the Himalayas and come to North Indian plain as the North Indian plain as North East Monsoons.

The results in rainfall for an extended duration of three months. Had there been no Himalayas there would have been no North east monsoon and there would have been much cooler winter and that too for a longer duration.

The correct option is C.