Which of the following is / are not historical biography / biographies?

  1. Dipavamsa
  2. Harshacharita
  3. Vikramankadevacharita
  4. Prithvirajavijaya

Select the correct answer from the codes given below:

  1. Only 1
  2. 2 and 3
  3. 2, 3 and 4
  4. All of these


The Dipavamsa is the oldest historical record of Sri Lanka.

The Harshacharita is the biography of emperor Harsha by Banabhatta, who was a Sanskrit writer of seventh-century.

Kavi Bilhana was an 11th-century Kashmiri poet. Bilhana left his homeland in search of fame and fortune. He wandered through many places. While trekking back through Kalyan, Western Chalukya Empire King Vikramaditya VI appointed him as Vidyapathi. Bilhana rewarded his patron by composing in his honor an epic Vikramankadevacharita.

Prithvirajavijaya is Sanskrit epic poem on the life of the Chahamana king Prithviraja III. Besides Prithviraja's biography, the poem also gives an account of his ancestors.

The correct option is A.