Which one of the following is an example of chemical change?

  1. Burning of paper
  2. Magnetization of soft iron
  3. dissolution of cane sugar in water
  4. Preparation of ice cubes from water
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Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) is formed by cooling a gas of extremely low density, about one-hundred-thousandth the density of normal air. This is treated as

  1. II state of matter
  2. III state of matter
  3. IV state of matter
  4. V state of matter
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A mixture of sulphur and carbon disulphide is

  1. heterogeneous and shows Tyndall effect
  2. homogeneous and shows Tyndall effect
  3. heterogeneous and does not show Tyndall effect
  4. homogeneous and does not show Tyndall effect
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During summer, water kept in an earthen pot becomes cool because of the phenomenon of

  1. diffusion
  2. transpiration
  3. osmosis
  4. evaporation
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Which one of the following sets of phenomena would increase on raising the temperature?

  1. Diffusion, evaporation, compression of gases
  2. Evaporation, compression of gases, solubility
  3. Evaporation, diffusion, expansion of gases
  4. Evaporation, solubility, diffusion, compression of gases
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