A well-dressed young man entered a big textile shop one evening

Reading Comprehension L1

A well-dressed young man entered a big textile shop one evening. He was able to draw the attention of the salesmen who thought him rich and likely to make heavy purchases. He was shown the superior varieties of suit lengths and sarees. But after casually examining them, he kept moving to the text section where ready made goods were being sold and further on to the hosiery section. By then, the salesmen had begun to doubt his intentions, and drew the attention of the manager. The manger asked him what exactly he wanted and he replied that he wanted courteous treatment. He explained that he had come to the same shop in casual dress that morning and drawn little attention. His pride was hurt and he wanted to assert himself. He had come in good dress only to get decent treatment, not for getting any textiles. He left without making any purchase.

1. The manager asked the young man what he wanted because

  1. he thought they could do more business with him that way
  2. he would give him exactly what he was looking for
  3. he thought the visitor was dissatisfied
  4. the salesman had drawn his attention to the indifferent attitude of the young man

2. The salesmen in the shop are described as people who pay attention to

  1. pretty women
  2. only rich customers
  3. only young men and women
  4. regular customers

3. The young man was well dressed because

  1. it was his wedding day
  2. he wanted to meet the manager of the shop
  3. he wanted to impress the salesmen
  4. it was his habit to dress well

4. The young man left without making purchase because he

  1. did not have money
  2. decided to come to make the purchase later on
  3. had come only to make a point about the indifferent attitude of the salesmen towards casually dressed customers
  4. could not find any item of his choice

5. The young man moved away to the hosiery section because he

  1. was not interested in purchasing anything now
  2. did not like the ready-made clothes
  3. was restless
  4. wanted better clothes


  1. B
  2. B
  3. C
  4. C
  5. A