Ordering of Sentences

The first line (S1) is fixed. Arrange the other four lines P, Q, R and S in a logical sequence.

  • S1: The beginning of the universe had, of course, been discussed for a long time.
  • P: One argument of such a beginning was the feeling that it was necessary to have a first cause to explain the existence of the universe.
  • Q: He pointed out that civilization is progressing, and we remember who performed this deed or developed that technique;
  • R: According to a number of early cosmologies in the Jewish/Christian/Muslim tradition, the universe started at a finite and not very distant time in the past.
  • S: Another argument was put forward by St. Augustine in his book, The City of God.
  1. QRSP
  2. RPSQ
  3. PSQR
  4. SQPR


The passage starts off by saying that the beginning of the universe has long been a topic of discussion. This will ideally be followed by statement R, which mentions one theory: that the start of the universe was at a definite point in time. This is supported by the reasoning in statement P where it is said that a "first cause" explains the universe’s existence. Then statements S and Q put forth another theory by St. Augustine and elaborate upon it. The pronoun "He" in statement Q is for St. Augustine in the statement S. So, SQ is mandatory pair.

The correct sequence is RPSQ.

The correct option is B.