Ordering of Sentences

S1: According to the legend it was during a famine in China many thousands of years ago that rice first came into the lives of the Asians.
S6: And the little girl gathered a harvest of rice.

P: The golden sunbeams dropped through the meshes and transformed themselves into golden grains.
Q: A little girl went fishing.
R: But instead of catching fish, she netted the King of Frogs.
S: The King told her to hold out the net to the sunbeams while he sang a magic song.

The proper sequence should be

  1. P S Q R
  2. R P S Q
  3. Q R S P
  4. P Q S R


The sentence R (starting with but) follows the sentence Q. Also, "she" used in the sentence R is used for a little girl.

The correct option is C.