Ordering of Sentences

The first line (S1) is fixed. Arrange the other four lines P, Q, R and S in a logical sequence.

  • S1: I was so eager not to disappoint my parents that I ran errands for anyone.
  • P: On the way a boy on a bicycle crashed into me and my left shoulder hurt so much that my eyes watered.
  • Q: Only then did I cry
  • R: But I still went and bought the maize, took it to my neighbours and then went home.
  • S: One day my neighbours asked me to buy some maize for them from the bazaar.
  1. SPRQ
  2. PQSR
  3. QRPS
  4. RSQP


The passage opens with a statement on the author’s eagerness to please his parents by running errands. Statement S exemplifies this by beginning to narrate an incident wherein the author is running an errand for his neighbours. This is followed by statement P, which describes an accident that occurred on the way. Then comes R, which shows the author’s determination to carry out his task despite being in pain. Q says that the author allowed himself to cry only after reaching home.

The correct sequence is SPRQ.

The correct option is A.