Communicative English Class X

Read the passage given below:

People who smoke are being hounded out of all public places - offices, restaurants, educational institutions, buses, trains etc. Away from home now it is becoming nearly impossible to find a place to smoke. Growing restrictions and the fear of various diseases caused by tobacco are prompting many smokers to stop smoking. 19 states in the U.S. have made laws against smoking.

Read the passage given below and answer any eight of the questions that follow:

Thornfield Hall was a large gentleman’s house in the country, near a town called Millcote. There, after my sixteen-hour journey, I was welcomed by Mrs. Fairfax. She was a little old lady, dressed in black, who seemed glad to have someone else to talk to, apart from the servants. Although the house was dark and frightening, with its big rooms full of heavy furniture, I was excited at being in a new place, and looked forward to my new life there, working for kind Mrs. Fairfax.

Animal life is as sacred as human life. Describe how ancient mariner and other sailors suffered because the ancient mariner had killed the albatross.

To lead a happy married life there must be trust between husband and wife. Why did Lavinia decide to leave her husband and why did she later on change her decision?

“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings.” What does Ozymandias mean by ‘king of kings’?

Everybody wants to succeed in life. For some, success means achieving whatever they desire or dream. For many it is the name, fame and social position. Whatever be the meaning of success, it is success which makes a man popular.

All great men have been successful. They are remembered for their great achievements. But it is certain that success comes to those who are sincere, hardworking, loyal and committed to their goals.


Globalization is the way to open businesses, improve technological growth, economy, etc, at the international level for all countries. It is the way in which manufacturers and producers of the products or goods sell their products globally without any restriction. It provides huge profits to the businessmen as they get low cost labour in poor countries easily. It provides a big opportunity to the companies to deal with the worldwide market.

Globalization helps to consider the whole world as a single market. Traders are extending their areas of business by treating the world as a global village. Earlier till the 1990s, there was a restriction on importing certain products which were already manufactured in India like agricultural products, engineering goods, food items and toiletries. However, during the 1990s there was a pressure from the rich countries on the poor and developing countries to allow them to spread their businesses by opening their markets. In India the globalization and liberalization process was started in 1991.

What message is conveyed by Vikram Seth through the poem ‘The Frog and the Nightingale’?

"Pen is mightier than sword". Elucidate with reference to the poem ‘Not Marble Nor Gilded Monuments’.

Although Calpurnia revealed her fear after nightmare yet Caesar decided to go to senate house. Why?

Getting admission into college wasn’t easy for Helen. Moreover, she encountered a lot of problems while studying there. Bring out her problems.

Miss Sullivan played a very important part in Helen’s life. Discuss with reference to the novel.

In the life of Helen Keller, Ms. Anne Sullivan acts as an inspiration behind her extraordinary life. Justify with suitable instances from the text.